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We are a small Guild with big ambitions. Our plan is to become an End Game Content Guild. What this means is we will be doing RAIDs and lots of them. We are a casual group, but we will be having some pretty strict Guidelines and a Guild Code of Conduct. The main purpose of this guild is to have a small group of players who enjoy the game, and want to get the most out of this game as possible.

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Starting over...

by Dragonsys, 2781 days ago

We are pretty much starting over as a Guild. Most of our core group has moved to other guilds/servers, or has stopped playing. Kynella & I had stopped playing for a while as well, while Real Life (RL) intervened. However, now we are back, and plan on working on leveling the guild and moving things along.

Our focus as a guild has changed somewhat. We no longer strive to be an End Game Content Guild. We are planning on staying a bit more casual, as RL is now a much higher priority for us, then the game is.

We are also starting to form groups around other games, and just enjoying our time in general.

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The Reckoning

by Dragonsys, 3233 days ago

Well, it's official. Memento Vivere has joined in an alliance with The Reckoning. We are all very excited to see this happening and we are ready to begin taking down the Citadel!

We welcome all of our new friends and look forward to all of our adventures together.

Several of our Main Raiders have been transferred to The Reckoning guild, in support of this alliance; however we are all still very much a part of Memento Vivere as well.

You can check out The Reckoning's website here -

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New Leaders & Officer

by Dragonsys, 3258 days ago

I am a little late in posting this, but I would like to congratulate our new Officer and Leaders.

Mallkaris - DeathKnight Class Leader & Tank Role leader, as well as one of our Raid Leaders. Mallkaris has shown a lot of willingness to perform in the guild and the desire to see the guild progress as well as the potential of becoming an excellent guild officer. I personally look forward to working more with him and his enthusiastic personality. Watch for more information coming from Mall as he gets everything setup and running smoothly, as I believe he will.

Lisia - Full Roles are yet TBD. Lisia brings a lot of spunk to the guild and helps to keep all of us motivated and laughing. I think she will be a great addition to the leadership!

Jugganaut - Full Roles are yet TBD, but I hope he will except the role of our Main Raid Leader. Jugg has proven his ability to successfully run a Raid as well as manage the resources he has to best of his knowledge. He has also shown his desire for the success of the guild as a whole.

I am really looking forward to seeing what these 3 come up with, in support of the guild and our successes!

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