Guild Tabard

General Q&A about Memento Vivere.

Q. How did this Guild get started?

A. Memento Vivere was started due to several factors.

  • Dragonsys' old guild unbreakable was going through a lot of changes. This all started because the original GM got hurt, in RL, and could not play the game for several months. I will not go into details here, if you want to know more, ask Dragonsys. Good news is, that the GM of unbreakable is better and doing quite well. We wish him and unbreakable all the best!
  • Kynella was starting to get ignored by the guild she called home. She also saw other guildies getting ignored, and she decided that she did not like the new direction that guild was taking.
  • Kynella and Dragonsys got together and decided it was time they did something on their own. With the help of another close friend, Memento Vivere was created.

Q. What does Memento Vivere mean?

A. Memento: Remember. Vivere: to live.

It is a Latin phrase that has several meanings or translations. Literally rendered, it reads "Remember to live." There are some common interpretations with different wording: "Reminder of life," "Remember you live," and "Remember that you have to live" are some of the few.

Q. Why the name Memento Vivere?

A. We wanted a name which would be significant as to our purpose. We chose a Latin phrase because, well frankly, they sound cool and look nice. Memento Vivere was chosen for its meaning, Remember to Live. We felt this was a good definition of our purpose, in more than one way.

  • For us to be successful, everyone must live
    • In RAIDs
    • In Dungeons
    • In anything we do
    • This is key to our Healers, and their "job" within the guild
  • Remember, this is a game.
    • Do not let it rule your life
    • Do not let it ruin your life
    • Remember to get away from the game and have a life

Q. What kind of Guild is Memento Vivere?

A. Using the below information, we are a cross of the Casual and Raiding Guild definitions, hence a Casual Raiding Guild ;)
We are content driven, but not to the extremes of the Progression Raiding Guilds.

Grimstaff wrote:
3) PVE – Player Vs Environment

a. Casual Guilds
PVE are more casual guild that are not really into pvp and not really into the high end raids. They tend to be small guilds with higher level characters. Members spend their time in the smaller instances requiring less co-ordination and participants. These guild are usually started by people that found each other through PUGs (pick up groups) and have joined together to run together on a more frequent basis. These guild are great for people that don’t have a lot of time to play but still want the community experience with like minded people.

b. Raiding Guilds
Raid guilds are focused around end game content. The driving force behind these guilds is the potential for high end loot. This is only accessible by experienced guilds that work together to prepare materials like potions and special crafting items needed to successfully navigate these end game instances. Scheduling, voice communication and team work are a central theme of these guilds. These guilds are great for people with “loot fever” but not particularly good for people that want to be social. These guilds care about progression but they generally care more about getting instances on farm status which leads to more loot and then they move onto the next instance and start progressing again.

Raiding guilds typically have some system of DKP, like Guild Launch’s Rapid Raid DKP system. DKP makes the distribution of that high end loot fair for all by rewarding participation instead of a roll of chance. A /roll can easily turn into a /cry and potentially a /gquit if no system is in place.

c. Progression Guilds
A progression guild is essentially a raiding guild that is in over drive. The burning ambition is to be one of the few or the first guild to down a particular boss. Completion between progression guilds are fierce and can lead to exhausting raid schedules. These guilds also compete to get the first character geared with the newest high end loot for their class. They work together though a strict guild policy that mandates that class leaders will be the first to be awarded the first drop of the hottest loot so that the guild can publicly show off its first sets of complete gear and thumb their noses at the competition.

These guilds are intense elite environments where membership is scrutinized by class, spec, current experience, past MMORPG experience, and each piece of your gear will be examined with a microscope. Most people don’t have the gear or the time to compete at this level.

So make sure you are ready to make this commitment. It will most likely become a part-time or even a full time job. If you decide to make this type of guild make sure that you recruit elitist gamers that have the same goals and expectation that you do. You may want to reconsider any thought of having a life, a job, or a social live. Forget ever kissing a girl.